Hello, I am Anthony. I teach drawing, painting, design, and printmaking in Philadelphia  where I live and maintain a studio. In 2012, I moved from the Midwest to Philly to attend the University of Pennsylvania's  MFA program and fell in love with the gritty, supportive culture of the city. As a member/curator of the artist-run space, FJORD Gallery, an alum of the Fabric Workshop's studio staff, and as a member with United Academics of Philadelphia I have worked with many artists over the years to help build a nurturing, collaborative culture of creativity. I believe in the power of art to bring people closer to people.

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The throwaway affirmations we tell each other without thinking, the networks we are so immeshed in that they are difficult to see, the trappings and displays of class we inhabit - it is all a part of the of the social water we tread. My work takes threads of that interpersonal tapestry and weaves them in with the diversion of melancholy and beauty.

I everything I make, I am seeking a balance between marking time in ways that reveal our impermanence and celebrating escapism as a necessary counterweight to transcendence. 

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Spirit Animal: Squirrel      Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rat      Astrological Sign: Pisces

A few artists I get really excited to see:  Francis Bacon,  Henri Matisse, David Shrigley, Jacob Lawerence, Fred Sandback, Olafur Eliasson, Bruegel, Monet, David Hockney, Philip Guston, Mike Kelley, Kerry James Marshall, Eva Hesse, Ellsworth Kelly.