Anthony Bowers would like to express his core competency to empower buy-in from the internal and external customers that are looking to this document for reassurances of the bleeding-edge, best practices he will be rolling out, moving forward.

As stated clearly in all such related documents, Anthony Bowers’ mission statement is: In order to drink the kool-aid we must move the needle together by using our synergies, focused like a laser to make hay.

However, in order to speak specifically on how to best utilize these core values in a sustainable, scalable fashion we must address all the moving parts needed to think outside the box. A purpose-built piece of art, of course, has it’s own ecosystem that, when properly analyzed, leads to vertical growth. In order understand the seamless impact that growth can have, this document will drill down on the body of work at hand. This window of opportunity to peel back the onion is also a way to get the ducks in a row, as analytical market research has shown the dialectic between speculative thought experiments and intelligently crafted business planning to be a false one.

This heterotopic sales forecast is, in the true Foucaultian sense, a stark reversal of the detournement generally associated with this type of diagrammatic territory. Giving 110 percent, Anthony Bowers problematizes the semiotic nature of substatialism in order to reach out through the simultaneity of a conceptualized palimpsest. In short, these works seek a paradigm shift going forward by getting Verstand perceptualism a seat at the table of provisional, intuitive, highly-conceptualized, object materiality.