Here are some pictures from my trip to NYC last weekend. It was so great to tour through Chelsea with my friends Brian and Ally. We saw boat loads of stunning art, way too many galleries to hit in one day.

One of the highlights was stumbling upon the Ai Weiwei sunflower seed installation that had been at the Tate Modern. It was much more impressive that I had imagined from reading about it. The seeds had an unexpected transcendent quality about them that stemmed from the pure quantity of similar handmade objects all pooled together. Being there made you want to dive in like Uncle Scrooge from Ducktails.

We also found a retrospective of late work by Roberto Matta at the Pace Gallery. He made most of these paintings in his 70’s and 80’s during the 1980’s and 90’s but they were so fresh, young, and contemporary. They were painted with the confidence of experience and the ambition of youth. It was like listening to a the White Album and realizing that every song could still be a new hit if it came out today.

Koen van der Broek at the Friedman Benda Gallery was my favorite new discovery artist (although he’s well established, he’s new to me). The Friedman held his first US solo show last year.

The Damien Hirst exhibit was the perfect end to our Chelsea tour. It was all dot paintings capped off by a ridiculous DH gift shop. If you’re not familiar, this article might help to explain why that gift shop is right where obscene and awesome meet on the absurd continuum:

And I didn’t take any pictures here but what a fantastic gallery, Andrew Lenaghan’s work was really top notch.

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