Hotsauce Part 1


There are a lot of websites and blogs that I follow that allow you to scroll endlessly through pictures of art, usually with the title, author, & date below. If you are reading this, you almost certainly follow these sites too, if not with art then maybe you do it with fashion or political blurbs, whatever. In many ways this is a great thing because it allows you to see an aggregate of information faster and easier. See and digest, see and digest… The speed and convenience allow you to feel like you have a finger on the zeitgeist of the moment! But… what you are loosing is CONTEXT.

Before, in the long, long time ago, your access to art as an average joe would be through artist’s book (or say for politics in the op-ed section of a daily newspaper). Even if all we want are the pictures, artist’s books are full of context, interviews, background. Then came the internet, but you still had to go the artist’s website, or gallery webpage which would, at the very least, give you a whole range of images to look at and make connections amongst though usually there was also a statement, blurb, or bio too.

Above are the (admittedly crappy) pictures that I took of the full Danh Vo installation that I’d scoffed at before seeing in person. Without any text or background, but purely by seeing this piece in conversation with the other pieces that the artist intended completely changes it. It now has visual context. (Here is a link with much better pictures,

Anthony BowersComment