As far as I know
Don't Worry Hun
An Inconsequential Death
An inconsequential death (2)
God is so pretentioius
Boys will be men
Dolphin in the Pool
Northeast Side
Polaski Park (one wiff of those chemicals will kill you)
For Now
 beurre de noix (That's french for Nutter Butter)
A toast to the host
Unusual Baths
Peasant Glamour
I'm a yacht captain
Congrats bro
Life's a Beach
Life's a beach (repeat view)
If you can't wow 'em, meow 'em
If you can't wow 'em, meow 'em (view 2)
boom town
old town
old town 2
old town 3
Almost lost
Golden Field
Project with Golden Paint Makers
June 3
Jun 4
June 8th
June 12
Jun 15
Jun 15
June 16
June 17
June 18
 At the end of the residency Golden Paint let me do two still life painting workshops for their paint makers during work hours. I am so grateful to the Golden family and the generous employee-owners at Golden Artist Colors.
Sicilian Pizza & Christiano
Crepes & Berks
Gulash & Me
Austrian Lunch
Spagetti Ariba
Island Hopping.2012.30x30.OoMP.jpg
Crosswalk Print 3(2).126x126.Ink on Paper.2.13 copy.jpg
Airport 2_37x35_IoP.jpg
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